Workshops & Seminars



More and more, employers recognize the importance of investing in their employees who are the most important asset of their business. Training through professional development programs, workshops and seminars display the company’s support of seeing their employees grow professionally and improve their skills that will benefit professional advancement.  So coordinating training opportunities for employees is beneficial to both the employee and the organization.

Furthermore, It is often said that the majority of employees that fail in their jobs, don’t do because they lack technical skills but because of poor interpersonal skills; a shortcoming in their social -, communication –, and self-management behaviour, the right attitude!  These soft skills play a significant role in one’s ability to succeed.

Your personal image is how others perceive you. So it’s not just about your appearance and much more about your behaviour and communication style. How you look, how you interact and how you communicate, need to be congruent in order to define a successful personal image that will make you excel both in your personal and professional life. Knowing how to be in sync with yourself and how to project that on the outside, will not only increase your strength and self-confidence, it will project comfort and professionalism, which will benefit the work environment and guarantee a perfect first impression at any encounter.

Seminars and Workshops are a good way to learn new skills that will benefit personal and professional development and a wonderful opportunity to increase engagement, motivation and team building. This will be reflected in an increase in performance and in the return on investment. When you feel good you look good and when you look good you feel good. People do business with those they like and trust and research shows that happy healthy employees treat each other and customers better, which can lead to a considerable increase in corporate profitability.

We provide workshop/Seminars on:

  • Appearance, the way you dress and carry yourself
  • Behaviour; your attitude and interaction with others
  • Communication: Verbal and non-verbal and the power of body language
  • Etiquette and protocol; Business, Social and Cultural
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • And many more related topics

We also craft a workshop or seminar totally adapted to your needs. Feel free to call or leave us a message.