Personal services



Do you need to enhance your personal image or reinvent your personal style? Do you need to reflect a strong image on the job floor or are you looking for that special job?

By defining your personal image you will stand out more, you will feel stronger and more self-confident and you will understand how to reflect your personality on the outside to success both in your professional and personal life. More



Do you have pieces hidden in your wardrobe that you’ve never worn or do you often find yourself having nothing to wear? Do you need support to organize your wardrobe or a complete wardrobe make-over?

Your wardrobe should reflect your personal style and serve as a practical and organized tool to pick out outfits at a glance for any occasion. More



Is shopping not your favorite activity? Do you need to shop for a specific occasion, create the right professional attire or shop for a future job or does your busy agenda simply leave no time for shopping? Let us take care of this.

According to your personal style, body type, personal coloring, life-style and personal goals and needs, we will create personalized shopping routes to deliver to you a unique shopping experience. You will learn how to look for the right pieces according to your signature style; in turn you know how to define your very own style and save lots of time and money.




Personal color analyses

The first message you convey to others without saying one word is communicated by the colors you are wearing. So, color is a very strong non-verbal communication tool that says more about you than you think.

Using colors that flatter you will not only make you sparkle and glow but will project your comfort and self-confidence. Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to a certain color or why you have an aversion to others? Have you ever asked yourself why that item in your closet never got out of it and why you get positive comments when wearing a certain color? Or maybe why some colors can uplift your mood and other do the exact opposite? More

Special event

Colour is a huge determining factor when it comes to creating an atmosphere and a theme. It will make or break the message you would like to send and the mood you would like to create. Certain colours bring harmony, others bring excitement and others sophistication. What message would you like to send or what mood would you like to create? More