Can you make up for a bad first impression?

It’s no secret that first impressions are extremely important if you want a first encounter to evolve into a lasting relationship. Whether it is in a professional environment or a first date, that first impression will define whether people are curious to hear more from you or to write you off. Research shows that when meeting someone for the first time, our brain makes assumptions in the first snap shot before you even shake hands. This happens unconsciously. If you […]

La segunda edición del AICI Image Consulting Congress, un gran éxito

El pasado viernes 7 de octubre se celebró la Segunda edición del Congreso de consultores en Imagen organizado por AICI España. Grandes ponentes y una audiencia entusiasmada de profesionales en imagen personal procedentes de todo el país, acudió a nuestro evento. Tuvimos el honor de contar con seis ponentes que marcaron la tendencia de temas inspiradores e interesantes. Despegamos la jornada con la ponencia de Gonzalo Zarauza, que nos aportaba su perspectiva como profesional de “visagismo”, y como esta profesión […]


I was delighted to attend the International Indian Film Academy (#IIFA) awards on Saturday evening, an event which honours the artistic and technical excellence of professionals in #Bollywood, the Hindi language film industry. Armed with VIP access, (Courtesy of #ElCorteInglés – thank you!), I was able to see the indian cinema industry in its finest evening wear. The event was opened by Anil Kapoor and filled with a mezcla of beautiful indian and spanish glamour. Priyanka Chopra (who was awarded […]