About Zohra Bena

Designer Awesome place, with awesome people

Throughout my life I have always been aware of the the importance of Personal Image. Indeed were we taught in Business School that personal branding is essential for our careers. But for me it started from a very young age. I was fascinated by the choice of clothes and colours others made and the way they carried themselves. I felt I could figure out someone’s personality just by looking at their shoes.

During my carreer in fashion retail and wholesale , I became familiar with the fast changing fashion trends and the influence they have on us as consumers. I also soon understood that it is not fashion that dictates how to look gorgeous; it is your personal style that you express through fashion that makes the difference. Therefore, I found my calling in helping people define their personal Image and create a personal style that best reflect their personality and skills.

With a BSc in International Business from the Amsterdam School of Business and more than a decade of AICI LogoRprofessional experience in fashion retail and wholesale, I am a certified fashion stylist and a certified image & color consultant. I have been involved in personal and professional image consulting, media styling, fashion styling and Event Planning. I am also a board member of the Spanish chapter of AICI (the Association of Image Consultants International), the leading professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide.


My professional background, fashion expertise and sensitivity to cultural differences, allow me to offer tailor-made Image consulting services to both private and professional clients.
I live in Madrid, and can offer consultation in English, Spanish, Dutch and Arabic.

In today’s visual and competitive world, your looks and behaviour are constantly under scrutiny where people form opinions about your personality, competence and commitment. The good news is, unlike the many things in life we can’t control, our image we can a 100%. So don’t let others control it for you!