In today’s visual and competitive world, taking control of your professional image is a necessity to stand out from the crowd. How you are dressed and behave, will not only determine how others perceive you, but how you view yourself as well. If you look successful you will feel successful. Therefore, knowing how to reflect your personality and competence on the outside will guarantee that you leave a positive first impression at any occasion.

Research found that people unconsciously judge each other based on looks and body language within the first seven seconds when meeting for the first time and before getting the chance to say a word. So, first impressions are extremely important if you want an encounter to evolve in a lasting relationship. Therefore, a successful personal image is essential to project credibility and confidence, whether it is in a professional environment, a first date, or a public speech.

With a BSc in International Business and more than a decade of professional experience, Zohra Bena is a Certified Image and Color Consultant and founder of ZB Image Consulting. She uses her business experience and fashion expertise to help you enhance your professional image by working on your appearance, behaviour and communication, in order to make you excel both in your private and professional life. Using a holistic approach, taking into account your personality, life style and personal objectives, she will help you reflect your best self and create appropriate dress and grooming for any occasion. This will increase your self-confidence and guarantee a great personal impact at any occasion, personal or professional.

So, don’t leave it to chance: invest in your first impression!



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